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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the website pricing fixed?

No. The pricing listed above is a guide. For the exact pricing for your project, kindly requet a quote.

How long will it take to get my website?

The duration to complete each website project is different. It would also depend on the complexity of the website. For example, e-commerce sites will take longer to complete.

I already have a website. Does the pricing above apply?

Generally, yes. This is because we still offer all our services regardless of whether it is a new website or a redesign. However, our clients get reduced pricing for redesigns.

Do you offer support?

Absolutely. After we submit the first completed website, we remain on hand to ensure everything runs smoothly. Typically, the support period is one year, unless otherwise stated.

How do I contact you in case of any issues?

We are available on WhatsApp, Facebook, LinkedIn and Email. For the fastest response, we suggest a WhatsApp message.

Still have questions? Send us a WhatsApp message for the quickest response.

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