Types of websites

by | Sep 28, 2019 | Website design

Websites come in many shapes and sizes. Although websites could have many functions, their basic functionality will most probably fall in one of these categories.

types of website

1. E-commerce

These types of websites are mainly focused to sell products. In some instances, these websites have been confused with business websites because, understandably, most are set up by businesses. The key features here are that e-commerce websites will have payment gateways to facilitate online payments. In addition, e-commerce websites encourage customers to buy without directly interacting with the business staff. For example, have a look at Shoe Planet’s e-commerce website.

2. Business websites

These websites will give information about a business such as their services, values, awards, contact, and location information. As opposed to e-commerce sites, business websites will encourage website visitors to contact the business directly.

3. Portfolios

Portfolio websites are often run by individuals that work as freelancers. For example, consider a paint artist. The painter may specialize in abstract art and wants to sell his paintings to hotels around the country. In reality, he obviously wouldn’t be able to visit all hotels directly to offer his services. The best option is a portfolio website that will showcase some background information about himself, previous paintings, and maybe his pricing.

4. Blogs

Blogs are set up by online writers. It’s basically someone’s online journal. Usually, people set these up as hobbies where they document interesting encounters in their day to day activities. An example would be someone that travels a lot could have a blog to write about how their flight was.


Websites mostly have a primary function. But they often overlap. A business website could have an e-commerce section and a portfolio website could very well have a blog.

Not quite sure what type of website you need or where to start? Feel free to get in touch and we would be glad to help.


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